Sick Days and Teacher Appreciation M&Ms

Lots of illness in this house over the last few weeks. Guess I’m thankful that we are getting it out of our systems before we all huddle into an RV for a month. Speaking of that- we leave in three weeks and so much to do – eeeee!! But more on that later. So what do we do during all these sick days at home?

 candy crush time!
Well, there’s lots of Candy Crush on the tablet. It’s a favorite of ours and Nicholas has turned into quite the candy crushing guru. And what makes Aubrey happy? I volunteered to be her makeover subject and she did my hair, makeup, and accessorized me. It’s the closest thing I’ve had to a spa day in a long time!! She was quite proud of her handy work.

 photo IMG_20130502_012850_zps5a3ab526.jpg

In other news, it’s teacher appreciation week and we had fun with it this year! I found THIS cute idea on pinterest the other day and loved it. It was super simple and didn’t involve a ton of crafting, since we’ve been sick and lazy and all that this week. And it was a good excuse to buy some more mason jars, which I LOVE for storing and displaying things in around the house. I also got to bust out some cute washi tape for the labels. I couldn’t find a printable template for the poem, so I created one using Adobe Fireworks and am attaching it here. Feel free to download it and modify it for your own M&M:

I found this whole “apple collection” of stickers and gift packaging in the dollar section of Target last summer and scooped it up for future teacher gifts. That’s also where I stocked up on the cute red and white twine. So here is how it all came together: cute apple sticker on the lid of the jar, a bit of twine tied around the top, fill ’em up with M&Ms and attach the cute printable poem. I attached mine to some cardstock and added some wasabi tape for color and we were done!

For Aubrey’s preschool teacher, we packed her a breakfast “snack” which consisted on a Paradise Bakery blueberry muffin and a cute individual carafe of Simply Orange and we packed it in the apple gift box I mentioned above. Aubrey signed her name on the gift tag.

I found these adorable gift tags in the dollar section of Micheal’s. How cute are these to attach to $5 Starbucks gift cards for all of Nick’s specialty teachers?! They look like they were designed specifically for his PE teacher, French teacher, art teacher, and music teacher! I mean, c’mon! Music notes and French writing?? LOVE!

And here is how the completed project turned out! An apple is nice, but who wouldn’t love a jar full of M&Ms?!


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