Charming Charlie

A few weekends ago, we had an adventure. We were on our way out to dinner later in the evening. We were passing through a busy intersection and saw a flash of black and white fur nearly get run over by several cars. Being the animal lovers that we are, we simply couldn’t keep driving knowing that with night approaching, Mr. Kitty was certain to not be so lucky during his next crossing. We pulled into the strip mall and I jumped out and starting creeping through the bushes alongside this busy road calling “Here KittyKitty!” There he was, shaken, but clearly friendly since he arched his back in “hug” position and meowed curiously at us. It took some coaxing that involved Adam eventually strongholding Mr. Muscle Cat (he’s a big strong kitty!) into our SUV while a group of people holding an antique car show sat in the parking lot starring oddly at us. We got back in the car- baby screaming- tummies rumbling for the dinner we were supposed to be eating- and instead turned towards home. We turned our garage into a makeshift home: bath towel bed, a bowl of food and water, and a moving box into a litter box. We left him to rest after his exhausting night.

The next morning, he warmed up to us quickly. He seemed happy to be safe. He ate a whole bowl of food, drank up his water and started rolling onto his back so we could rub his belly. He was a good-natured boy. I tried to avoid the garage so I wouldn’t get attached. I posted ads on petfinder.com and craigslist. We drove all through the area where we found him the next day, hoping to see a lost pet sign. I just wanted to reunite him with his teary eyed owners badly! To see the joy someone felt in having their pet found and returned to them. Because the alternative that he didn’t have a home or owners that cared enough about him to keep him safe made me feel sad.

A week passed. We named him Charlie. We didn’t really want another cat. We felt we had a full house and we were planning a month long summer vacation. We didn’t want to take in a new pet just to ditch him when he was starting to get used to us. But we couldn’t send him away knowing the potential of the Humane Society euthanizing him. We set up a vet appointment to have him checked out before we introduced him to the inside of the house and our girls. What a lucky cat to have the right family come by to save him at the right time, the vet said. We agreed. He was a lucky boy. The kids were insisting they would start cleaning the litter box and take care of him if we kept him. So we planned to get him updated on vaccines and do a front declaw.

 Charlie 1st day

And then the email came. “Todd” thought Charlie was his. We had actually already put down $100 at the vet and told the kids we could keep him. But we put the declaw on hold and anxiously awaited a return email from “Todd,” who saw my ad on craigslist and was searching for his black and white cat. Charlie spent a few more nerve-wracking days in the garage. Then the email with photos came.

Not the same cat.
Charlie was ours. We called the vet and proceeding with the declaw surgery. I know a declaw is not necessary and also not the nicest thing in the world. We felt bad about it, but our two girls Katie and Riley are both front declawed as well and we have three little kiddos…and some leather furniture…it just had to be done for our piece of mind.

Surgery was rockier than it had been for our other two kitties and he is currently donning an awesome flower head because he wants to lick his wounded paws so badly, but he’s spunky and will snap out of it soon. The girls are already warming up to his scent as he recovers in hospital room 1 – our downstairs powder room. He’s going to make a great addition to our home and family. And here’s to hoping the new “clean the litter box” chore sticks.

~ Tamie